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    Stoneworking CNC Router FL-3020
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    It is mainly used in engraving stone, marble, granite, black stonge, bluestone, jade stone, crystal, glass, organic glass Floor tile and ceramic tile, plastic, chemical synthesis board, PVC board, bamboo ware, aluminumplastic panel, metal, etc., line carving, 2D engraving, 3D engraving 3D relief, Cutting, drilling, polishing, etc.

    Main Features

    Lathe bed welded with thick channel steels and square tubes;Processed by high temperature tempering treatment and vibrating stress relief to reduce residual stress,good stability,no deformation.
    Highspeed water cooling spindle and high performance subdivision driver ensure to work stably for long time.With water tank and double water cooling system,high efficient works.
    Special 3axis dust-proof system,protect guides and higher efficiency.
    With practical and easilylearned software,can conveniently check the moving path of tool,and adjust the processing depth of Z axis and the speed of motor.

    FL-1325S working video:

    FL-1325S working on man-made stone:

  • 0086-13506358857
  • 0086-13506358857
  • 0086-13506358857
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